Determination of your required internet connection
for your event at TEC Event Campus

In order to provide your event with the required internet connection we would like to ask you to consider the following information and if necessary ask your techniqual support for help.

Any questions can be discussed and planed in cooperation with our IT support. To create a detailed quotation for you please fill in the following questionnaire.


To prevent any kind of technical difficulties during your event let us know about the exact use of internet in advance. For example: special software, conference calls via internet, streaming, FTP, VPN, APP-using, etc..


Please provide an exact number of needed LAN-connections and they will be needed in the venue. The installation of the LAN connections will need to be coordinated with the IT support of the venue. Wi-Fi will be provided throughout access points area-covering the venue.


By default TEC Event Campus commands a 10 Mbit/s network which can be increased up to 375 Mbit/s.
With the completed questionnaire we are able to provide the needed capacity of the network. Upload and download speed are equal.


Please provide an exact number of potential user as accurately as possible as well as the amount of used devices for the network.


Any use of open source software on your devices need to be discussed with the IT support of the venue to prevent any complications with the connection due to the software.


Used devices for the event need to be configured for the intended purpose of the event by the organiser (streaming, conference calls, etc.). This can implicate network administration settings, software restrictions and firewalls. Please make sure that your settings of the devices are set in advance.



13 + 3 =


Your contact person from our production team will be happy to answer any questions or clarifications you may have.

Alternatively you can also use the following contact options:
Production Team
Fon +49 30 470 809 00